Ruins of Acinipo

Ruins in Ronda 

Roman Ruins Of Acinipo, Ronda
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Acinipo is the ruins a Roman city located about 20 kilometers from Ronda, Southern Spain. It is known locally as Ronda la Vieja, Arunda or Old Ronda; as it was incorrectly thought that this was the first settlement of the city.

It was mentioned in Plini and, inscriptions to Geninn Oppidi, to the god Marse and to Victoria Augusta have been found.

What you can see in the Ruins of Acinipo

The urban layout was typically Roman with buildings such as the theatre and the public baths that were built around a square with an arcaded ambulatory. The general internal layout of the city was made up of rectangular blocks of houses built in the squares formed by two intersecting main streets.

  • 1st-century-b.C. theatre can be seen, large enough to seat 2,000 people, which was built on a slope and still in use today.
  • The grandstand and the orchestra pit have been preserved in good conditions.
  • The remains of Roman baths and the official temple.

History of Acinipo

Some historians assert that Acinipo was created after the battle of Munda (45 BC), fought between the armies of Julius Caesar and the army of Pompey’s two sons, Gnaeus and Sextus. Acinipo was created for retired veterans of Caesar’s legions, while Arunda (Ronda) would be a separate Roman outpost, perhaps created before the Munda conflict for the veterans of Pompey’s legions.

This is an urban are that thrived in the first century AD when it had a population of 5.000.

A once powerful city that minted its own coinage and had its own magistrates was left to ruin with the centre of power switching to what is now the town of Ronda. The coins were stamped with a triple bunch of grapes on one side and the word “Acinipo” motto between ears of wheat on the other side and it is believed the coinage was produced from 56 to 53 BC.

Acinipo was abandoned in the sixth century after many years of decline starting from the third century. It later lost its importance to the town of Arunda where Ronda now sits, probably because the new site was easier to defend.

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Other names of Ruins of Acinipo

The Ruins of Acinipo has the following names: Acinipo, Ronda la Vieja, Arunda, Old Ronda.

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Visiting Ruins of Acinipo


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