Pogradec City Guide

Pogradec is a town on the shores of Lake Ohrid in eastern Albania. The lake is one of the oldest and deepest lakes (300m) in Europe and dominates the town.

On the south and west side, this city is surrounded by hills and its northern and eastern sides the lake.  The other side of the lake is the North Macedonia own of Ohrid.  Tourism in Pogradec is minimal but the town is nice enough to stroll around,  especially it’s park alongside the lake, which has several benches to sit on. At the eastern side of town is the long and sandy Pogradec Beach.

Some of the restaurants have built jetties over the lake so people can swim off them and they often will server traditional fish dishes, especially the baked speckled trout (Koran).

On a hill above Pogradec, there are the ruins of an ancient Illyrian village which is called the Castle of Pogradec . The name of the town comes from this settlement. Po means ‘beneath’ and Gradec ‘town’, so it literally means  “under the town”.

Popular places to visit  around Lake Ohrid are Lin, Pojskë, Hudenisht and Tushemisht.

2 Best things to See in Pogradec

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