Winchester Cathedral

Cathedral in Winchester

Winchester Cathedral, The Close, Winchester
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Built on the grounds of the original 7th-century Old Minster, Winchester Cathedral stands as a prominent attraction for tourists, captivating visitors with its rich history. The cathedral, one of the largest medieval churches in the world, has undergone various modifications since its construction in the 11th century, while remnants of the original minster foundations can still be admired today.

Step inside the cathedral, and you’ll be greeted by a captivating blend of architectural styles. The interior showcases a unique fusion of Romanesque elements dating back to 1093 and late-Gothic fan vaulting added in 1394. Marvel at the splendid 12-bayed nave and transepts, adorned with a remarkable collection of bronze statues, including depictions of James I and Charles I, created in 1635.

Among the cathedral’s notable features, you’ll discover the striking 11th-century wrought iron Pilgrim’s Gate and the resting place of several Saxon kings, including the renowned Alfred the Great. Take in the captivating murals adorning the Lady Chapel, painted in the 16th century, and admire the original 13th-century decorative paintings on the vaulting of the Chapel of the Guardian Angels.

Make your way to the north ambulatory, where you’ll find a chapel adorned with Renaissance decoration. Don’t miss the wooden chair that once held Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary) during her wedding ceremony with Philip II of Spain in 1554. Winchester Cathedral offers a fascinating glimpse into the past, with its architectural wonders and historic treasures awaiting exploration.

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Visiting Winchester Cathedral


Monday–Saturday: 9.00am–5.00pm, Sunday: 12.30pm–3.00pm. Last entry 30 mins before close.

Morning Prayer 8am

Holy Eucharist 8.30am

Evensong 5.30pm


Adult – £12.50

Address: Winchester Cathedral, The Cl, Winchester, UK
Duration: 20 minutes

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