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College Street

A stroll down College Street offers visitors delightful vistas of the medieval wall enveloping the cathedral precincts, leading them to Wolvesey Palace.

At Wolvesey Palace, the remnants of a bishop’s palace, skilfully reconstructed by Christopher Wren, await exploration. Nearby, the castle ruins stand as a testament to Winchester’s storied past. The charming Abbey Gardens, remnants of a 9th-century abbey established by King Alfred’s wife, further enhance the experience. Continuing along this path, you’ll encounter the King Alfred memorial in Broadway and a picturesque bridge spanning the River Itchen.

For those eager to continue their leisurely walk and discover more sights, High Street beckons. Along this route, you’ll encounter the Guild Hall, a magnificent structure erected in 1871, and the pedestrian precinct featuring an inviting colonnade of shops. Don’t miss the Butter Cross, adorned with niches housing statues of saints, King Alfred, and Bishop Wykeham—a captivating sight worth beholding.

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Visiting College Street

Duration: 30 minutes

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