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Voskopojë St.Nikolaos 2
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Voskopojë is a mountain village, 21 km from  Korçë  at an altitude of 1160 meters.

Voskopojë was a small settlement until the latter part of the 17th century when, despite its isolation, the settlement grew into a cosmopolitan center of learning. It had the Balkan’s first printing press outside Istanbul, educational institutions and 24 churches. The decline of the city came about from a series of raids by Muslim Albanian bandits which also may have caused trade routes to change.

Out of the 24 churches built in its heyday only five survive. The remaining churches in the region are among the most representative of 18th century ecclesiastical art in the Balkans.

Moscopole is a pleasant small mountain village, surrounded by forests and the Morava Mountains. In winter Voskopojë is a resort with great opportunities for skiing and snowboarding.

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Other names of Voskopojë

The Voskopojë has the following names: Voskopojë (Albanian), Moscopole (Aromanian, English), Voskopolis ("City of shepherds").

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Visiting Voskopojë

Duration: 1 hours

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