Villa Bottini in Lucca

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Villa Bottini In Lucca

Villa Bottini, also known as Buonvisi “al Giardino,” stands as one of the most exquisite villas in the Lucca region, holding not only aesthetic appeal but also historical significance. Its architecture has served as a model for the construction of many other villas in the area, and it is believed that the “ideal villa” designed by Sanminiati took inspiration from Villa Bottini.

The villa’s rectangular structure comprises a basement, raised ground floor, a low-roofed first floor, and a central cant with a loggia. The back facade on the raised ground floor features a small door leading to the main hall.

The villa’s charm lies in its large openings and the impeccable balance of symmetries and proportions in its architectural elements, giving the building an elegant and harmoniously light appearance that is rare among other villas in the vicinity.

The vaults above the main hall and porch are adorned with frescoes by Ventura Salimbeni, influenced by Raphael’s work at Villa Farnesina. These frescoes are the sole remaining examples of 16th-century interior decoration in Lucca’s villas. Neoclassical decorations were later added in the 19th century when the villa was owned by Princess Baciocchi.

The grand entryways to the garden are striking and imposing, contrasting with the doors on the building itself. The gate to the nymphaeum is particularly whimsical and original, featuring a mix of smooth and rough materials in the columns and crowned by two river statues shaping a broken tympanum. This is the first instance of Venetian windows seen in the villas of the region.

Today, the villa is municipally owned and serves as a venue for various cultural events, ensuring that its historical and artistic legacy remains cherished and accessible to the public.

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Visiting Villa Bottini in Lucca

Address: Villa Bottini, Via Elisa, Lucca, Province of Lucca, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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