Church and Baptistery of Santi Giovanni e Reparata

Church and Museum in Lucca

Chiesa Dei Santi Giovanni E Reparata, Lucca, Toscana, Italia
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The Museum and Archaeological Complex of SS. Giovanni e Reparata in Lucca is a remarkable site preserving significant traces of the city’s history, spanning from the Roman era to the present day. The complex underwent extensive excavation and restoration efforts from the late 1970s to the 1990s, ultimately transforming it into a captivating museum.

With a single entrance ticket, visitors have access to several fascinating sites within the complex. The journey begins by passing through a grand portal into the Romanesque basilica, where the only remaining intact element of the original facade, reconstructed in 1622, greets you. Inside, the space serves both as a museum and a venue for cultural events, showcasing medieval volumes alongside frescoes and sacred furnishings added in subsequent centuries, particularly from the seventeenth century onwards.

The adjacent Baptistery, closely linked to the church, boasts modern furnishings and surviving frescoes, offering valuable insights into its parallel evolution with the church. The monumental late-14th century vault stands as a testament to the Baptistery’s development. Notably, the Chapel of Sant’Ignazio, a Baroque masterpiece by Domenico Martinelli from the late seventeenth century, and a Roman sarcophagus dating back to the second century AD can also be admired within the church.

The archaeological area situated in the foundations of the church and the Baptistery is one of the most important in Lucca. A metal walkway path allows visitors to traverse the historic structures of the city’s cathedral, formerly dedicated to Santa Reparata, and the connected Baptistery. The stratigraphic succession of these structures documents Lucca’s evolution from Roman times to the Middle Ages. Notably, the oldest part reveals remains of a late-republican domus dating back to the 2nd century BC, with visible remnants of mosaic flooring in the Baptistery area. The archaeological site provides invaluable insights into the city’s ancient past, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike.

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Visiting Church and Baptistery of Santi Giovanni e Reparata


Monday – Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00


Church of Santi Giovanni e Reparata Church + Archaeological area + Baptistery + bell tower of San Giovanni Full price: €4.00

Address: Church of Saint John and Saint Reparata, Piazza San Giovanni, Lucca, Province of Lucca, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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