Via Fillungo (Fillungo Street)

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Lucca, Via Fillungo
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Via Fillungo is the bustling main shopping street of Lucca, stretching approximately 2,300 feet in length and 33 feet in width. It meanders through the heart of the historic centre, encompassed by the ancient city walls.

The street derives its name from Fillungo Castle in the Garfagnana district of Lucca, which was the feudal residence of the Falabrina family, possessing feudal rights in the area. Along Via Fillungo, quaint houses intermingle with grand palaces, creating a charming blend of architectural styles representative of the medieval era.

Walking is the most enjoyable way to explore the walled city, and Via Fillungo offers an intriguing journey. The street has been historically divided into three sections. The Great Way commences from Porta dei Borghi, and as you approach Via Mordini, you will encounter Piazza San Frediano and the historic Basilica San Frediano on the right, while the remnants of the ancient Roman amphitheatre lie on the left.

Continuing on, the “Panther” segment of the street extends from Via Mordini to Piazza dei Mercanti. Lastly, the third part leads from Piazza dei Mercanti to Canto Arc, where the 12th-century Church of Santo Cristoforo stands.

Shops along Via Fillungo are skilfully integrated into the buildings to minimize their architectural impact, enhancing the street’s appeal. The avenue is lined with an array of shops and inviting cafes, with many boutiques offering a variety of products, though some may be on the pricier side. Despite occasional speeding bicycles, strolling along Via Fillungo is a delightful and leisurely experience, providing opportunities to explore local offerings like the buccellato, a traditional sweet treat.

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Visiting Via Fillungo (Fillungo Street)

Address: Via Fillungo, Lucca, Province of Lucca, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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