Domus Romana in Lucca

Historic Site in Lucca

Domus Romana Lucca
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Deizenov

The “Casa del fanciullo sul delfino” Domus Romana in Lucca represents an archaeological site unveiled in 2010 at the heart of the city. Its name is derived from the exquisite terracotta frieze portraying two “putti” joyfully riding dolphins.

Within this site, visitors have the opportunity to explore remnants and artifacts dating back to various historical periods, including Roman (1st Century BCE), Lombard, medieval, and Renaissance eras. These exhibits encompass architectural friezes, household items, and offerings of worship, providing a unique insight into the evolution of construction techniques spanning 2,000 years of Lucca’s history.

The exhibition route also leads to the Renaissance cellars of the palace, featuring grand brick vaults that form the foundation of the structure. In these cellars, numerous everyday objects and votive pieces have been rediscovered, such as a sestertius (a Roman coin) issued by Emperor Tiberius in 14 CE and a bronze fibula from the Augustan era. Educational panels are thoughtfully placed throughout the site, offering detailed floor plans, graphic reconstructions, archaeological excavation images, and significant discoveries. Additionally, a 3-D graphic representation of the internal structure of the Roman dwelling is available to enrich the visitors’ experience.

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Visiting Domus Romana in Lucca


Open every day 10.00 – 18.00

Closed on Tuesdays



Address: Domus Romana Lucca Via Cesare Battisti, 15 55100 Lucca LU Italy
Duration: 40 minutes

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