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The Egyptian Museum,Cairo
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The largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities in the world can be found at the Egyptian Museum, which is also the oldest archaeological museum in the Middle East. Its comprehensive collection ranges from the Predynastic Period to the Greco-Roman Era.

In 1895, an international competition was held to select an architect for the building, which was won by French architect Marcel Dourgnon. The museum was inaugurated in 1902 by Khedive Abbas Helmy II, and has since become an iconic landmark in downtown Cairo, housing some of the world’s most magnificent ancient masterpieces.

Among the museum’s unmatched collection are the complete burials of Yuya and Thuya, Psusennes I and the treasures of Tanis, and the Narmer Palette, which commemorates the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under one king and is considered one of the museum’s priceless artifacts. Additionally, the museum showcases the magnificent statues of the great kings Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, who were the builders of the pyramids at the Giza plateau. The museum also features an extensive collection of papyri, sarcophagi, jewelry, and other objects, making it an unparalleled museum of its kind.

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Visiting The Egyptian Museum


9am-7pm Mon-Wed, to 9pm Sun & Thu, to 4pm Fri & Sat


adult/student LE120/60, after 5.30pm Sun & Thu LE180/90, Royal Mummies Room LE150/75, camera LE50

Address: The Egyptian Museum, قسم قصر النيل، El-Tahrir Square, Ismailia, Qasr El Nil, Egypt
Duration: 2 hours
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