Palácio de Queluz

Palace in Sintra

Palácio Queluz
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Alvesgaspar

The Palace of Queluz, built during the late 18th-century at the command of Pedro III, the husband of D. Maria I (1734-1816), is an exceptional example of Portuguese architecture.

As a former royal residence, the palace is a fine specimen of 18th-century Portuguese architecture, enriched with an extensive collection of decorative art, mostly belonging to the royal family. The palace’s rocaille style decoration, exemplified in the magnificent Throne Room, featuring walls lined with mirrors and exquisite carved gilded woodwork, is a notable highlight.

The palace’s gardens, adorned with fountains and ornamental ponds, showcase sparkling water spouting forth from mythological figures. The group of sculptures around the Neptune Basin is particularly impressive.

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Visiting Palácio de Queluz


9am-7pm Apr-Oct, to 6pm Nov-Mar


adult/child €10/8.50

Address: Palacio de Queluz, Queluz, Portugal
Duration: 1 hours

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