Beach and Village in Porto Moniz (Madeira)

Seixal In Porto Moniz, Madeira
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On the picturesque north coast of Madeira Island lies he small town of Seixal celebrated for its exceptional beauty.

Seixal Beach

Porto de Abrigo do Seixal beach, more commonly known as Seixal Beach. This stunning natural setting resembles a living postcard and has become a beloved destination for enthusiasts of the sea, nature, and photography.

The beach’s landscape is a visual symphony of harmonious colors, featuring a striking black sand beach that is caressed by the waters of the Atlantic. It’s encased by towering escarpments and verdant mountains, creating a green amphitheater-like setting that radiates tranquility and serenity for its visitors.

Seixal Beach, which formed naturally a few years ago near Porto de Abrigo and Clube Naval do Seixal, is well-equipped with amenities. These include convenient access, showers, a bar, and even facilities for renting kayaks. The beach is a popular hub for various water sports throughout the year, attracting enthusiasts of bodyboarding, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

For those exploring Porto Moniz, Seixal Beach serves as an ideal starting point. From here, visitors can easily access numerous attractions, including the scenic hiking trails that weave through the Laurissilva Forest, offering an immersive experience in one of the island’s most enchanting natural landscapes.

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Visiting Seixal

Address: Seixal, Portugal
Duration: 20 minutes
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