Schloss Wilhelmsthal

Palace in Kassel

Schloss Wilhelmsthal
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Wilhelmsthal Palace is a baroque-style palace located in the Wilhelmsthal Park, approximately 10 kilometers north of the city of Kassel in Germany. The palace was commissioned by Landgrave Wilhelm VIII of Hesse-Kassel in the mid-18th century and was completed in 1761. It was designed by the French architect François de Cuvilliés in the style of the French Rococo.

The palace is known for its ornate decoration, including stucco work, frescoes, and intricate wood carvings. It has 40 rooms, including a large hall, a chapel, a library, and several apartments. The palace’s furnishings are original to the time of its construction and include furniture, tapestries, and artwork.

The palace is surrounded by extensive gardens, which were designed in the English landscape style. The gardens feature a series of ponds, fountains, and canals, as well as a grotto and a waterfall. The park also includes a variety of buildings, including a hunting lodge and a teahouse.

Today, Wilhelmsthal Palace is open to the public for tours and events. The palace hosts cultural events throughout the year, including concerts, theatre performances, and exhibitions. The park is also popular with visitors and locals alike for its walking trails and outdoor activities.

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Visiting Schloss Wilhelmsthal


1 April–31 October


and public holidays

10 am–5 pm

last tour at 4 pm

1 November–31 March

Fri–Sun and public holidays

10 am–4 pm

last tour at 3 pm


4 € Adults, Children and young people under 18 free admission

Address: Schloss Wilhelmsthal, Calden, Germany
Duration: 20 minutes

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