São Jorge Castle (Lisbon)

Castle in Lisbon

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Standing atop the São Jorge hill, the highest point in Lisbon, is the majestic São Jorge Castle, an iconic symbol of the city. This castle is one of Lisbon’s most famous landmarks and its silhouette is instantly recognizable, whether seen during the day or illuminated at night. The hill is also home to two of Lisbon’s neighborhoods, Alfama and Castelo.

Originally a small fortress built by the Visigoths in the fifth century, the castle was later expanded by the Moors in the eleventh century and transformed into a Royal Palace during the reign of Afonso I of Portugal in the twelfth century. After reaching its pinnacle during the thirteenth century, the castle was occupied by both the Kings of Portugal and the Bishop in the sixteenth century.

Recent archaeological discoveries in the area have uncovered ruins from the Phoenician, Greek, and Carthaginian eras.

A visit to São Jorge Castle is an extensive experience that can take up a whole morning. The site includes the castle with its eleven towers, a small museum, and a restaurant where you can stop for lunch before continuing your exploration of Lisbon. After the visit, take a walk through the surrounding streets and visit the nearby Lisbon Cathedral, just a few minutes away on foot.

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Visiting São Jorge Castle (Lisbon)


9am-9pm Mar-Oct, to 6pm Nov-Feb


adult/student/child €10/4/free

Address: São Jorge Castle, Rua de Santa Cruz do Castelo, Lisbon, Portugal
Duration: 1 hours
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