Riviera del Brenta

Waterway in Padova

Brenta Canal
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The Riviera del Brenta is an area of the Metropolitan City of Venice of particular tourist-cultural interest due to the great architectural heritage of the Venetian villas built between the 15th and 18th centuries by the nobles of the Venetian Republic along the river Brenta (now Naviglio del Brenta). The Brenta Canal stretches for many miles between Venice on the coast, to Padua where it turns back into the Brenta River. Created in the 15th century, the canal was meant to expand trading routes and possibilities for Venice and the major cities in Northern Italy. The area lining the banks of the canal is known as the Brenta Riviera and is famous for its grand Venetian Villas and stunning countryside. The best way to travel along the Brenta Canal from Padua is by Burchiello which are the traditional wooden Venetian barge used by the wealthy to reach their villas on the Riviera. Today, Burchiello’s have been upgraded into modern, comfortable boats that cruise along the canal.

A full-day mini-cruise will take you all the way to Venice and back. Many cruises also include stops and guided tours of some of the villas along the Riviera, such as Villa Foscari, Villa Widmann and Villa Pisani.

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Visiting Riviera del Brenta

Address: Lungargine del Piovego, 3, 35131 Padova PD, Italy
Duration: 48 minutes

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