Rattenfängerstatue (Pied Piper Statue with children)

Statue in Hamelin

Rattenfängerstatue Rathausplatz
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Located in the Rathausplatz, you’ll discover a captivating fountain adorned with statues of children (pictured). This fountain was presented to the town in 1975 by Karl Ulrich Nuss, whose design emerged as the winning entry from a competition that received 132 submissions.

Originally intended to be placed in the Pferdemarkt area, the fountain’s size was deemed too large for the old town, prompting a relocation to the Rathausplatz. Despite the change in plans, the fountain stands as a remarkable piece of art, adding beauty and charm to the town’s central square.

The statues of children depicted in the fountain serve as a visual representation of the enduring spirit of the Pied Piper tale. As you explore Hameln, don’t miss the opportunity to admire this impressive fountain and appreciate the creativity behind its design.Rattenfängerstatue (Pied Piper Statue)

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Visiting Rattenfängerstatue (Pied Piper Statue with children)

Address: Rathauspl. 5, 31785 Hameln, Germany
Duration: 5 minutes

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