Place des Prêcheurs

Square in Aix en Provence

Place Des Prêcheurs
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Facing the Palais de Justice is the Place des Prêcheurs, a square with origins dating back to the 15th century, serving as the bustling hub of public and social activity prior to the emergence of the iconic Cours Mirabeau.

Around the year 1640, architect Jean Lombard undertook the task of enhancing the eastern bank of the Place des Prêcheurs, a project initiated by Jean de Paris during the city’s expansion with the Villeneuve district. Lombard’s additions included imposing corner buttresses adorned with slits, adding to the square’s architectural allure.

The focal point of the square is the Prêcheurs fountain, adorned with decorative elements crafted by Jean Pancrace Chastel in 1748. Unfortunately, these adornments fell victim to destruction in 1793 but were reinstated in 1833, largely thanks to the support of American patrons.

Adjacent to the square stands the Madeleine church, erected between 1691 and 1703 under the architectural guidance of Laurent Vallon. The church received its monumental facade, crafted by Revoil, between 1855 and 1860. Designated as a historical monument in 1988, the Madeleine church houses an array of artworks by renowned Aix-en-Provence artists. Notable among them is the exceptional Altarpiece of the Annunciation, created in 1444, which is temporarily relocated to the Saint-Esprit church on rue Espariat during ongoing restoration work. This significant church holds personal significance for Paul Cézanne, as he was baptized here in 1839, and his parents exchanged vows in 1844. Additionally, his sister Rose celebrated her marriage to lawyer Maxime Conil within its sacred walls in 1881.

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Address: Place des Prêcheurs, Aix-en-Provence, France
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