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Arts Venue and Historic Building in Aix en Provence

Aix-Hôtel De Caumont
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The Hotel de Caumont, now a museum, was originally a private residence designed by architects Robert de Cotte and Georges Vallon in 1715. Built for Francois Rolland de Reauville de Tertulle, Marquess of Cabannes, the hotel showcases sculptures by Jean-Baptiste Rambot and Bernard Toro, including an Atlas near the main entrance.

This property changed hands several times from its inception in 1715 until 1964, when it was acquired by the city of Aix. It was leased to the postal service until 1970, and subsequently served as the Darius Milhaud Conservatory, a music school, until 2013. Nestled in the fashionable Mazarin Quarter, the hotel catered to high-status residents and featured rooms designed for music and social gatherings.

One notable room is the music room, which contains the frame of an 18th-century harpsichord crafted by harp maker Jean-Henri Naderman. The ceiling is adorned with gilt plasterwork depicting cherubs at play. The bedrooms from the same period reflect the era’s style with alcoves and boudoirs, and are decorated with Rococo motifs, garlands, and Middle-Eastern monkeys.

Today, the Hotel de Caumont includes a paved Court of Honor and extensive gardens spanning over 1,000 square meters. It also houses an art center that hosts temporary exhibitions featuring major artists. The foyer features an indoor fountain, and two staircases distinguish the family and staff areas. The house and garden are meticulously maintained to reflect their historical grandeur. Visitors can also enjoy amenities such as a gift shop and a small theater.

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Visiting Hotel de Caumont


Open every day.

From 9 October to 3 May: 10am to 6pm

From 4 May to 8 October: 10am to 7pm


Adult: €15,50

Address: Hôtel de Caumont, Rue Joseph Cabassol, Aix-en-Provence, France
Duration: 20 minutes

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