Old Town Walls, Rothenburg

City Gate and City Walls in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Old Town Walls Of Rothenburg
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The Old Town Walls of Rothenburg ob der Tauber are a series of well-preserved walls and fortifications that surround the charming medieval town of Rothenburg in Bavaria, Germany. The walls were built in the 14th century to protect the town from outside threats and have since become one of the town’s most iconic landmarks.

The walls stretch for approximately 4 kilometers and feature several towers and gates, including the famous Rödertor Gate, which is one of the town’s main entrances. The walls are made of stone and have been carefully maintained over the centuries, with repairs and renovations taking place as needed.

Visitors to Rothenburg can walk along the top of the walls and enjoy stunning views of the town and surrounding countryside. The walls also offer a glimpse into the town’s rich history, with several plaques and markers along the way providing information about the walls and their construction.

One of the most popular spots along the walls is the Castle Garden, a peaceful park with stunning views of the town and surrounding fields. The garden is a popular spot for picnics and relaxation, and offers a unique perspective on the town’s medieval architecture.

Overall, the Old Town Walls of Rothenburg ob der Tauber are a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the town. The walls are a testament to the town’s rich history and provide a unique perspective on medieval life in Germany.

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Visiting Old Town Walls, Rothenburg

Duration: 20 minutes

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