Museo della Cattedrale, Ferrara

Historic Building and Museum in Ferrara

Museo Della Cattedrale, Ferrara
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Vanni Lazzari

The Cathedral Museum, housed in the former church of San Romano, is a collaborative project between the Cathedral Chapter and the Municipality of Ferrara. Its purpose is to document the history of the Este spirituality and the significant sacred temple. The museum’s collection comprises works owned by the church as well as the municipality. Notable pieces include a series of tiles created by the Maestro dei Mesi (circa 1225-30), a remarkable masterpiece, the grandiose Madonna of the Pomegranate by Jacopo della Quercia (1403-06), splendid tapestries illustrating the stories of Saints George and Maurelius (1551-53), woven by Johannes Karcher based on designs by Garofalo and Camillo Filippi, monumental organ panels depicting Saint George and the Dragon, along with the Annunciation, created by Cosmè Tura, and a series of 24 illuminated anthem books, initiated in 1481, featuring the work of Guglielomo Giraldi, Martino da Modena, and Jacopo Filippo Medici. These artworks provide insight into the rich history and spirituality associated with the Cathedral of Ferrara.

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Visiting Museo della Cattedrale, Ferrara


9.30-13.00 / 15.00-18.00. Closed on Monday.



Address: Museo della Cattedrale (San Romano), Via San Romano, Ferrara, Province of Ferrara, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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