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Sain Giovanni Evangelista
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The monastic complex of San Giovanni Evangelista comprises the Church, the Cloister, and the Library of San Giovanni.

Its origins can be traced back to the 10th century, but it is the baroque façade that characterizes its appearance. The bell tower on the right side was added in 1613. The church, rooted in classical heritage, features an original Romanesque layout with a Latin cross plan and three naves, including six chapels.

Running along the central nave is the frieze of the Jewish and Pagan Sacrifice, designed by Correggio and executed by FM Rondani. Correggio also adorned the church with decorations on the hemi-pillars, the arch of the fifth chapel, a depiction of St. Paul falling from his horse, decorations on the cross, and the dome, featuring the Transit of St. John and the Fathers of the Church alongside the Evangelists in the plumes. Inside, you’ll find the wooden choir by M. Zucchi, as well as the work of brothers Gianfranco and Pasquale Testa from 1556. Notably, the left nave boasts early works by Parmigianino.

Within the Benedictine monastery, there are three cloisters worth exploring. The first features light Ionic columns, the second is accessible from the chapter house and includes two frescoes by Correggio, and the third, known as the San Benedetto cloister, showcases frescoes dating back to around 1510.

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Visiting Monastery and church of San Giovanni Evangelista

Address: San Giovanni Evangelista, Piazzale San Giovanni, Parma, Province of Parma, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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