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Parma, Museo Diocesano
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The archaeological excavations carried out for the 2000 Jubilee on the Cathedral square and at the Bishop’s palace yielded remarkable insights into the urban development of the northeastern part of the city during the Romanesque and Middle Ages. These discoveries were particularly significant for shedding light on the historical evolution of this area.

Among the findings were a segment of city walls and the foundations of a medieval building, along with an early Christian mosaic recovered from the Cathedral square in 1955. These findings provide valuable historical context, indicating that the episcopal complex has always been located in this area.

The museum tour begins with a focus on the Roman city and its pagan traditions. Through informative displays, graphic reconstructions, casts of inscriptions, and important archaeological artifacts, the tour guides visitors through the development of the episcopal complex from early Christian to medieval times. The exhibition includes architectural elements from the 12th and 13th centuries originating from the Cathedral and the Baptistery, a copper angel that once adorned the Cathedral’s pinnacle, a Christian oil lamp from Carignano, as well as restored capitals and mosaics unearthed in 1955 on the Cathedral square.

Moreover, there is a tactile path at the museum entrance designed for blind visitors, featuring reproductions of famous artworks. Visitors can also touch the baptismal font from the parish church of Vicofertile, the Zooforo from the Baptistery, a lamp adorned with Christian symbols dating back to the 2nd century AD, and a funerary stele bearing both pagan and Christian symbols from the 3rd century AD. Tactile cards are also available to enhance the experience.

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Visiting Diocesan Museum, Parma


Open every day from 10am to 6pm* (* last admission 5.30pm)


€ 12,00 Diocesan Museum and the Baptistery

Address: Museo Diocesano, Parma, Vicolo Vescovado, Parma, Province of Parma, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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