Generals Beach

Beach in Durrës

Generals Beach Albania
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Kukushiedi

This beach is 400 m long and 50 m wide. It is the most beautiful in the whole riviera of Kryevidhi in Kavaja. Gjeneralit is not very easy to reach, because the road there is not one of the best in Albania, but this also means that is not very crowded like other neighboring beaches.

It is located between two capes and has a soft greyish yellow sand. It has a horseshoe form and it is surrounded by low hills which are covered in a evergreen shrub and bushes. The rocky outcrops to the north and south are conglomerate  and contain colorful stones which form a magnificent mosaic when wet.

The beach attracted the attention of an Italian General who came here regularly in his yacht. The event was a real sensation for Albania and was in the Albanian newspapers at the time and even today the beach is called the generals beach.  There are plenty of fish in the seawater but what makes this beach special is the sea turtles which lay their eggs on the beach. This endagered species are often watched by tourists with binoculars.

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Other names of Generals Beach

The Generals Beach has the following names: Gjeneralit Beach.

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Visiting Generals Beach

Duration: 3 hours

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