Espírito Santo Chapel, Calheta

Church in Calheta (Madeira)

Calheta, Iglesia Matriz Del Espírito Santo
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The Espírito Santo Chapel is a cherished historical monument in the Calheta parish, known for its priceless art collection, making it a highly regarded point of interest.

Originally constructed in the late 15th century, the chapel underwent a complete reconstruction in 1639, resulting in a blend of both Manueline and Mannerist architectural styles, contributing to its exceptional architectural significance. However, the true treasure lies within its walls.

Foremost among its treasures is the Renaissance holy water font, a remarkable feature. Notably, the chapel houses an ebony-carved tabernacle adorned with intricate silver inlays, presented as a gift from King Manuel I to the town. Additionally, a processional cross with Manueline characteristics and a stunning Mudéjar ceiling in both the chancel and central nave add to the chapel’s remarkable artistic wealth.

The Espírito Santo Chapel hosts three annual festivities: the Holy Spirit celebration on Pentecost Sunday, the Blessed Sacrament celebration, and Nossa Senhora dos Bons Caminhos on the last Sunday of September, making it an important cultural and religious hub in the community.

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Visiting Espírito Santo Chapel, Calheta

Address: Igreja Matriz do Espírito Santo Av. D. Manuel I 23 Calheta Portugal
Duration: 20 minutes

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