Chedworth Roman Villa

Historic Site in Gloucester

Chedworth Roman Villa 2012 View From Northeast
CC BY-SA 1.0 / Pasicles

Chedworth Roman Villa is located near Chedworth, Gloucestershire, England and is a scheduled monument. It is one of the largest and most elaborate Roman villas so far discovered in Britain and one with the latest occupation beyond the Roman period. The villa was built in phases from the early 2nd century to the 5th century, with the 4th-century construction transforming the building into an elite dwelling arranged around three sides of a courtyard. The 4th-century building included a heated and furnished west wing containing a dining-room (triclinium) with a fine mosaic floor, as well as two separate bathing suites: one for damp-heat and one for dry-heat.

The villa was discovered in 1864, and was excavated and opened to public view soon afterwards. It was acquired in 1924 by the National Trust who have conducted a long-term conservation programme, with new on-site facilities and cover-buildings.

Historians have debated whether Chedworth was a villa rustica or a religious sanctuary and hostel, as evidence has been found in support of both arguments. Most currently believe, however, that Chedworth was the former, inhabited by a very wealthy Romano-Briton.

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Visiting Chedworth Roman Villa


10am-5pm Apr-Oct, to 4pm mid-Feb–Mar & Nov


adult/child £10.50/5.25

Address: Chedworth Roman Villa, Cheltenham, UK
Telephone: 01242-890256
Duration: 2 hours

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