Castello Alfonsino di Brindisi

Castle in Brindisi

Castello Alfonsino,brindisi
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Adele.pennetta

The castle is situated on the islet of S. Andrea, located in the outer port, opposite the mouth of the Pigonati canal. Originally a natural defensive bastion, the island housed a monastery dedicated to St. Andrew until the 15th century, giving the island its name. Construction of the castle began in 1445 when Ferdinand I of Aragon commissioned his son Alfonso to build it. The structure now consists of two main parts: the original Aragonese section and a later addition. The latter, including the entire Fort area, was commissioned by Philip II of Austria in 1583. This addition is a massive horn-shaped structure that encircles the island, protecting it from potential enemies.

The castle is known by various names: Castello di Mare to distinguish it from the land-based Castello Svevo, Castello Alfonsino or Aragonese due to its constructors, and Castello Rosso because of the striking reddish hue it takes on at sunset due to the tuff stone used in its construction.

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Visiting Castello Alfonsino di Brindisi


Guided tours, available in Italian, English and Spanish, last approximately 50 minutes. The cost of the ticket is €8 per person, reduced to €6 for residents in the province of Brindisi and for groups of at least 30 people. Entrance is free for children under 5 years old.

Address: Castello Alfonsino di Brindisi, Via Torpediniera Climene, Isola di Sant’Andrea, BR, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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