Benwell Roman Temple

Roman Site in Newcastle upon Tyne

Roman Temple Of Antenociticus
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Mike Quinn

Benwell Roman Temple is the remains of a Roman Temple located a few miles from the center of Newcastle. The small temple was dedicated to the a local deity Antenociticus, in the civilian settlement which stood outside Condercum fort. The temple was built about AD 178–80.

There are three altars found within the ruins of this small temple.

The Altars

One altar was dedicated to the god Antenociticus by the cavalry prefect Tineius Longus, who had been designated as a quaestor. This god is not mentioned on any known Roman altar stones from the continent, and is therefore thought to be a native British deity.

Of the other altars, one was dedicated by a centurion of the Twentieth Legion (Valeria Victrix), who was possibly in temporary command of the unit at Benwell.

The other was dedicated by a prefect of the first cohort of Vangiones, who were originally recruited from the Rhineland. He was perhaps a commander at Benwell before the arrival of the Asturians, if not a visitor to the shrine.

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Address: Benwell Roman Temple - Hadrian's Wall Broomridge Ave Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 6QP United Kingdom
Duration: 10 minutes

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