Feria de Málaga

Feria Festival in Málaga

Feria de Málaga takes place every August in the city of Málaga. It is an exuberant week-long street party with plenty of flamenco and ‘fino’ sherry. The fair commemorates the re-conquest of the city by the Catholic Monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand in 1487. It is also known as the Feria de Agosto or August Fair.

It is the largest fair on the Costa del Sol, which gathers people coming from all over the world. It traditionally runs for a week from Saturday to Sunday (inclusive) over the third week in August.

The fiesta usually starts with an impressive firework display, followed by a free concert in the Paseo del Parque at midnight the of the Friday / Saturday.

The fair has two main locations –

The Feria de día or Day Fair in the historic center of the city.  The streets of the city center are adorned with paper lanterns and floral displays with booths set up. There are performances for children and adults, music and verdiales which is a local variant of flamenco. Driving through the streets are horses and carriages. There is bullfighting each afternoon at La Malagueta.

After sunset party continues at the Feria de la noche or Night Fair which is located in the Cortijo de Torres district.

Visiting Feria de Málaga

Duration: 3 hours

Feria de Cordoba

Feria Festival in Córdoba

The Feria de Cordoba or Cordoba Fair, is a fair that is held in Córdoba,  Spain during the last week of May. Its official name is La Feria de Nuestra Señora de la Salud or The Fair of Our Lady of Health and it is held on the municipal El Arenal fairgrounds.  The thoroughfare and the surrounding streets fill with horse-drawn carriages, flamenco dress, “Sevillana” music and wine. The event has two major elements to it, a large fairground and marquees which offer mouthwatering tapas and other snacks.  During the period of the fair there are various bullfights that take place in the Los Califas Bullring.


The Feria de Cordoba is the largest annual amusement park of Cordoba with tens of thousands of people coming to enjoy the rides. The whole area is illuminatd at night with thousands of lights.


There are “casetas” which are the meeting areas at the fair, they are marquees with food, drink and music erected at the city’s fair ground, most of which are open to the general public. Traditionally casetas would have have been set up by clubs, associations, political parties, Easter brotherhoods, public institutions, trade unions, etc. The one thing that makes the Feria de Cordoba great for visitors is that nearly all of the 100 cassteas are public ones, other fairs such as the one in Seveile most are private. Increasingly the tents now have air conditioning to make things more bearable.

Fervent Flamenco performances in one of the many pavillions, traditional costume demonstrations and a spectacular firework display are only a few attractions the Feria fun fair has to offer its visitors. Processions of smartened equestrian guards are among the most outstanding eye-catchers of this event.

Where is the Feria de Cordoba Located?

For many years, the Fair was held on the Paseo de la Victoria, and over time it expanded to the Jardines de la Agricultura , Avenida de República Argentina and Avenida de Conde de Vallellano. A new fairground has been located on the banks of the Guadalquivir river. The new location hasmuch more space. The façade of the Fair has been built here for years, and is the largest in Spain.

History of the Feria de Cordoba

The Feria de Cordoba’s history goes as far back as 1284 when King Sancho IV allowed the Council of Córdoba to set up a cattle fair twice a year, each lasting fifteen days.  In 1492, the Catholic Monarchs reconfirmed the celebration of both fairs, and again Royal consent was given in 1556 by Felipe II.

In the year 1790 the fair was the scene of a riot in the early hours of the morning and it began to close at 22:00.  In 1803, the fair moved in front of the Gallegos gate, which brought it closer to the bullring located in Campo de la Merced. In 1820, when the Fair acquires its final location in the Campo de la Victoria or Victoria Gardens.

Openeing Hours of the Feria de Cordoba

Opening hours at 1:00 p.m. and a minimum until 1:00 p.m., except Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, when they can advance the closing time at 24.00. The maximum time allowed for closing is at 06:00, with the exception of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, which must close at 04:00.

Visiting Feria de Cordoba

Duration: 20 minutes