Würzburg Court Gardens (Hofgarten)

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Würzburg Court Gardens (Hofgarten)
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The Court Garden, also known as Hofgarten, is a stunning French-style garden located within the grounds of the Würzburg Residenz. It was created between 1703 and 1774 and is widely regarded as the best-preserved Rococo garden in Germany.

A visit to the garden offers many highlights, including the main feature, a large artificial lake with fountains and a sculpture of Pegasus. The garden also boasts a collection of Baroque sculptures, such as ornamental vases and allegorical figures, and exquisite examples of Baroque ironwork in the garden gates.

The Orangery, with its kitchen garden, is another interesting feature of the garden. Also, visitors can observe the cultivation of topiary fruit trees that were commonly grown in the 18th century. The garden is especially enchanting in spring, particularly in May when 70,000 flowers and plants from the palace’s own greenhouses are arranged around the garden.

The Hofgarten is open throughout the year, and admission is free.

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Visiting Würzburg Court Gardens (Hofgarten)


Open until dusk


Free entry

Address: Hofgarten, Residenzplatz, Würzburg, Germany
Duration: 20 minutes

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