Whaligoe Steps

Natural Phenomenon in Caithness

Whaligoe Cliffs
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Glen Breaden

Whaligoe Haven is one of the most remarkable harbours to be found in Scotland – surrounded on three sides by 250 feet cliffs, and is reached by the Whaligoe Steps which zig-zag down the cliffside. The natural harbour at the foot of the steps has been a long standing landing point for herring, salmon, whitefish and shellfish.

First prospected by Thomas Telford in 1786 who decided it was a terrible place for a harbour, Captain David Brodie then went on to build the steps at a cost of £8., resulting in a harbour which supported 14 herring boats. Follow in the footsteps of the fisherwoman, who used to haul baskets of fish up the 365 man-made steps every day during the booming 1800s, before they were taken on foot to be sold in nearby Wick, some 7 to 8 miles away.

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Visiting Whaligoe Steps

Duration: 1 hours

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