Procuratie Nuovissime (Newest Procuracies)

Historic Building in Venice

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The Procuratie are three connected buildings along the perimeter of Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy.  The Procuratie Nuovissime (Newest Procuracies, also known as the Napoleonic Wing) was built during the second period of French occupation (1805–1815) when after the fall of the Republic of Venice, the Procuratie Nuove was transformed into the residence of the viceroy of the Kingdom of Italy. Today, much of the Procuratie Nuove and the Napoleonic Wing house the Correr Museum.

The other two Procuratie are the Procuratie Vecchie (old Procuracies) and the Procuratie Nuove (New Procuracies). Two of the buildings, the Procuratie Vecchie (Old Procuracies) and the Procuratie Nuove (New Procuracies), were constructed by the procurators of Saint Mark, the second-highest dignitaries in the government of the Republic of Venice, who were charged with administering the treasury of the Church of Saint Mark as well as the financial affairs of state wards and trust funds established on behalf of religious and charitable institutions.

Both the official residences in the Procuratie Nuovissime (Newest Procuracies) and the rental apartments were built above arcades with space on the ground floor that was rented out for stores, workshops, and later coffeehouses, including the historic Caffè Florian, Caffè Quadri, and Caffè Lavena.

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Visiting Procuratie Nuovissime (Newest Procuracies)

Address: S. Marco, 1105, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy
Duration: 5 minutes

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