Place Royale, Reims

Palace in Reims

Place Royale Reims
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Located in Reims, France, Place Royale, often referred to as “Royal Square,” occupies a significant spot. It’s the original city centre of the Roman town (crossing of cardo and decumanus) but now it’s a nice classicist city square in a typically French style. At its heart, a bronze statue of King Louis XV of France takes prominence. This statue, created by the skilled hands of Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, was commissioned by the city and was unveiled on 26 August 1765. The sculpture portrays the monarch donned in Roman attire, crowned with laurels atop his head, and with one hand extended—a gesture symbolizing his guardianship over the people.

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Visiting Place Royale, Reims

Address: Place Royale, Reims, France
Duration: 20 minutes

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