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Historic Building and Library in Reims

Reims CarnegieLibrary
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The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims, commonly referred to as the Carnegie Library of Reims, stands as a testament to philanthropy and resilience. This public library emerged as a result of generous contributions from businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who extended his support to the city of Reims in the aftermath of World War I. Notably, Reims was among three cities on the frontlines that were bestowed with a Carnegie library, the others being Leuven and Belgrade University Library.

Erected during the 1920s, this establishment seamlessly blended the roles of conserving heritage and serving as a haven for avid readers. For a significant period, until 2003, the Carnegie Library held the position of being Reims’ primary library.

The library’s allure extends beyond its literary treasures. The Art Deco embellishments adorning the Carnegie Library, coupled with its well-proportioned design and elegant architecture, secured its inclusion in the esteemed French inventory of Monuments historiques—an honor that underscores its historical and artistic significance.

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Visiting Bibliothèque Carnegie

Address: Bibliothèque Carnegie, Place Carnegie, Reims, France
Duration: 20 minutes

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