Piazza del Comune, Assisi

Square in Assisi

Assisi, Province Of Perugia, Italy
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At the heart of Assisi lies Piazza del Comune, a historic square believed by some to be the Roman Forum or an ancient sacred site, adding to its mystique. Regardless of its origins, this medieval square bustles with activity, offering an array of eateries perfect for indulging in some people-watching, albeit at a price.

A portion of the grand neo-Gothic former post office, adorned with frescoed walls and exquisite vaulted ceilings, now serves as the tourist office. Surrounding the square are notable palaces, including the 14th-century Palazzo dei Priori, but stealing the spotlight is the former Temple of Minerva, its fa├žade impeccably preserved.

In times past, feudal lords showcased their residential towers here, eventually giving way to merchant-class edifices. By 1305, the Roman temple found itself flanked by the People’s Tower, while the Town Hall presided over the south and western sides.

Tip: Don’t miss Zubboli bookshop, a local fixture since 1870, and Bar Minerva, a beloved spot for a refreshing drink.

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Address: Piazza del Comune, Assisi, Province of Perugia, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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