Palazzo Isolani

Palace in Bologna

Palazzo Isolani

The Palazzo Isolani is situated at Via Santo Stefano #16, facing Piazza Santo Stefano in the centre of Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. It showcases a harmonious blend of Gothic and Renaissance architectural elements.

Designed by Pagno di Lapo Portigiani from Fiesole, the construction of the palace took place between 1451 and 1455 for the Bolognini family. This influential family, known for their involvement in the silk trade, commissioned the magnificent structure. The ground floor features an impressive portico upheld by columns adorned with Corinthian capitals. A cornice separates the lower level from the upper floor, where mullioned windows with pointed arches can be found. Notably, the upper window arches were embellished with 19th-century additions, including medallions with busts, reminiscent of the nearby Palazzo Bolognini Amorini Salina, located diagonally across the square.

During the 18th century, the palace came into the possession of the Isolani family, who were originally from Cyprus. Descendants of the Isolani family still maintain ownership of the palace to this day. Inside the palace, visitors can explore the interior galleries known as Corte Isolani, which lead to various shops and a boutique hotel, adding a vibrant and commercial aspect to the historical building.

These rooms are now used for the events of Isolani Meeting: congresses, seminars, workshops and press conferences.

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Visiting Palazzo Isolani

Address: Corte Isolani, 5, 40125 Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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