Palacio de Anaya

Palace in Salamanca

CC BY-SA 2.0 / Hugh Llewelyn

Currently, the Philology Faculty of The University of Salamanca, the Anaya Palace was designed and built in 1760, by José Hermosilla and Juan de Sagarvinaga after the damage caused to the city by the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. It was founded by Sir Diego de Anaya and served as the old College of San Bartolomé until 1798.

The whole building is in the Neoclassical style, with the main façade stands out, with four great Ionic columns finished off with a triangular pediment and a wide staircase. In the interior, the courtyard with a double gallery with 16 Doric columns on the ground floor and 16 more in Ionic order composing the upper gallery. The building’s two floors are connected by a magnificent imperial staircase where a bust of Miguel de Unamuno lies. 


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Visiting Palacio de Anaya

Address: Anaya Palace C. Salamanca Zamora, 3 37008 Salamanca Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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