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Arles Musée Réattu
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The Réattu Museum, nestled along the scenic banks of the Rhône River at 10, rue du Grand-Prieuré in Arles, is a beacon of art and culture, renowned for its extensive collections of works by the Arlesian painter Jacques Réattu, a treasure trove of drawings by Picasso, and a dedication to the realms of photography and architecture.

Historical Essence

Origins and Artistic Evolution

Originally serving as the priory hospital of Arles for the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, this historical edifice embarked on its artistic journey thanks to Jacques Réattu. A distinguished painter and Grand Prix de Rome laureate in 1791, Réattu purchased the building with a vision of transforming it into a creative sanctuary for artists in residence. Although his dream never fully materialized, the spirit of his ambition lives on through the museum, which became a municipal asset in 1868.

A Platform for Innovation and Display

The museum has a history of hosting significant temporary exhibitions, with the Young International Painting exhibition in 1952, curated by Jacques Latour and featuring Franz Priking, marking a notable beginning. Gaining historic monument status in 1958, the museum has continually evolved to highlight contemporary artistic expressions.

Collections and Curatorial Ventures

Diverse Artistic Holdings

The museum’s collection primarily showcases a substantial body of work by Antoine Raspal and a celebrated piece by Jacques Réattu, the “Sewing Workshop in Arles.” It also prides itself on a compilation of Picasso’s drawings and a pioneering photographic collection, introduced in 1965 under the aegis of Jean-Maurice Rouquette and Lucien Clergue.

Innovation and Expansion

In a groundbreaking move in 2007, the museum established the first sound art collection within a fine arts museum through collaboration with the Phonurgia Nova association. This spirit of innovation continued in 2008 when fashion designer Christian Lacroix was invited to reimagine the museum, attracting over 130,000 visitors with his unique creative vision.

Contemporary Art and Architecture

Emphasizing contemporary art, the Réattu Museum actively commissions new works from sculptors, photographers, and sound artists, encouraging a dialogue with the city’s rich heritage. Architecture, too, has become a focal theme, enriching the museum’s narrative and offering visitors a comprehensive cultural experience.

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Visiting Musée Réattu (Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Arles)


Tuesday to Sunday

02 November – 28 Februar : 10am to 5pm

1st March – 31 October: 10am to 6pm

Closed on Monday. Closed on 1st January, 1st May, 1st November and 25 December


Full: 6€ – Reduced*: 4€ (Combined ticket Réattu museum + Vincent van Gogh Foundation: 12 €)

Address: Musée Réattu, Rue du Grand Prieuré, Arles, France
Duration: 20 minutes

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