Monument of Pietro Vannucci "Perugino"

Monument in Perugia

Monument Of Pietro Vannucci Perugino
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Gianni Careddu

The sculptural complex conceived by Quattrini features an all-round figure of the great master, modeled after his self-portrait in the Collegio del Cambio. In his left hand, the artist holds the end of his “robone” (ceremonial dress) wrapped around his figure; in his right hand, he holds a bundle of spread sheets, one of which appears to bear a fine sketch of a Virgin drawn in a typical Perugian style.

The statue stands on a high cubic marble base adorned with four bronze bas-relief panels depicting episodes from the life of Perugino and his greatest pupil, Raphael. At the base of the monument, an agile silhouette of a winged genius, painted with vivid naturalism, holds a palette and brush, lightly raised in the direction of the overhanging Vannucci figure.

The bronze parts for the monument were cast at the Albanesi foundry in Rome. The statue was solemnly unveiled on September 23, 1923, in the presence of Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy-Aosta.

Monument’s Journey and Locations

The original location for the sculpture—outside the Turreno Theater—was selected in 1907 by a designated group of artists. However, it took another sixteen years for the monument to be inaugurated, initially in Piazza Sant’Isidoro (later known as Piazza della Repubblica). In 1940, it was moved to its current location in the center of the Carducci Gardens.

Key Highlights

  • Artist’s Representation: The statue captures Perugino holding his ceremonial dress and a bundle of sketches, with a Virgin sketch typical of his style.
  • Marble Base and Bas-Reliefs: The high cubic marble base is covered with four bronze bas-relief panels depicting significant episodes from Perugino’s life and his pupil Raphael.
  • Winged Genius: At the monument’s base, a winged genius figure holds a palette and brush, symbolically painting towards the Perugino statue.
  • Inauguration and Relocation: Initially unveiled in 1923, the statue was first located in Piazza Sant’Isidoro and moved to the Carducci Gardens in 1940.

The Perugino Monument stands as a testament to the artistic legacy of Perugino and his influence on the Renaissance, symbolically connecting the past with the present in the heart of Perugia.

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Address: Corso Pietro Vannucci, Perugia, Province of Perugia, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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