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Leonardo Da Vinci Museum Venice

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum or Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci is located in Vinci, Leonardo da Vinci’s birthplace, in the province of Florence, Italy. It is part of the Museo leonardiano di Vinci.

Explore the mind of a genius with an entrance ticket to the Leonardo da Vinci Museum, near the Basilica dei Frari in Venice. Journey through complex but captivating inventions at a museum themed around the 4 elements of earth, water, fire and air. While a relatively small museum, the rooms that do exist are packed with great interactive exhibits. On the ground floor you will find the artistic area, where the most famous paintings and countless sketches by Da Vinci are shown and explained. On the upper floor there are many replicas of da Vinci’s inventions, all of which can be tried out.

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Visiting Leonardo da Vinci Museum, Venice


€ 8

Address: Leonardo da Vinci Museum, Campo San Rocco, Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy
Duration: 45 minutes

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