Jardines de Pereda

Park in Santander

Jardines De Pereda, Santander
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Jesús Gómez Fernández

The Pereda Gardens are located in Santander on land reclaimed from the sea that was used as a port dock in 1805. The park was officially inaugurated in 1905 coinciding which coincided with the celebration of an Exhibition of Arts and Industries.

José María de Pereda

The gardens are named after 19th-century Cantabrian writer José María de Pereda, whose bronze effigy can be seen on top of a stone monument.  The engravings that surround Pereda’s bust represent scenes from his works.

The trees of Jardines de Pereda

The gardens are characterized by the trees of more than 200 trees from flowering apple trees, magnolias, holly,  cedars, horse chestnuts, pines, boxwoods, yews, linden trees, and palm trees. From September to March the trees offer shelter for thousands of small starlings that live here.

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Visiting Jardines de Pereda


24 Hours



Address: Monumento a José María de Pereda 39004 Santander Cantabria Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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