Fontana del Gigante

Fountain in Naples

Fontana Del Gigante,Naples
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Paolo Villa

The Fontana del Gigante (Fountain of the Giant) is a notable example of 17th-century Mannerist art, characterized by its trio of arches and decorated with heraldic symbols and marine creatures. This impressive fountain currently graces the seafront near Castel dell’Ovo, marking its fourth and final relocation in the city of Naples.

Originally erected in the early 17th century, the Fontana del Gigante first stood in Naples’ main square, now known as Piazza del Plebiscito, adjacent to the Royal Palace. It was named after a nearby statue called Il Gigante (The Giant), a large depiction based on a Roman-era bust of Jupiter, positioned at the road leading from the square to the sea. Both the statue and the fountain became subjects in various 17th and 18th-century paintings.

The area underwent restoration in 1807, leading to the removal of Il Gigante, and the fountain itself was dismantled in 1815. After spending over 70 years in storage, the fountain was re-erected in 1882 near the Palazzo dell’Immacolatella, close to the Port of Naples. However, its presence there was short-lived; just four years later, it was displaced again due to port expansion.

The fountain’s next location was in 1889 at Villa del Popolo, a park near the port. Unfortunately, the area soon deteriorated, surrounded by warehouses and considered unsuitable for such a significant art piece.

Finally, in 1906, the Fontana del Gigante was moved to its current and most fitting location on Naples’ waterfront near Castel dell’Ovo, overlooking the serene Gulf of Naples. This scenic spot provides a peaceful setting that honors the fountain’s intricate design and storied history.

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Address: Fontana del Gigante, Via Partenope, Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
Duration: 10 minutes

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