Chichester Walls Walk

City Walls in Chichester

Lower Walls Walk, Chichester
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Simon Burchell

Make sure to allocate some time to explore the ancient city walls of Chichester, which are renowned for being one of the best-preserved Roman defences in England. Extending for over 1.5 miles around the historic city centre, where the original Roman roads intersected, the route is clearly marked and easily navigable, with multiple access points.

The city of Chichester retains its Roman heritage with four prominent streets that continue to shape its layout, enclosed by walls and gateways. Remnants of the Roman forum, residences, and public baths can still be observed at various locations. To explore the city’s Roman history, a walking tour following the 1.5-mile circuit of the walls is recommended. You can obtain a helpful leaflet and guide from the Tourist Information Centre. Along the route, trail markers and information panels provide additional insights at significant points of interest.

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Visiting Chichester Walls Walk


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Address: City Walls Walk, Northgate, Chichester, UK
Duration: 20 minutes

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