Chichester Cross

Historic Site in Chichester

The Cross And The Cathedral
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Mark Botham

Also referred to as the Chichester Cross, the Market Cross is a prominent and easily recognizable landmark. Erected in the late 15th century, this intricate perpendicular market cross stands at the intersection of ancient Roman roads that connected Chichester to London and other parts of Roman Britain.

Despite its ornate design, the cross originally served a practical purpose, providing shelter and a gathering place for the less fortunate individuals who gathered in the market square to sell their goods and services. Prior to the installation of the current round clock in 1746, pedestrians could estimate the time by observing the shadows cast by sundials positioned on each face of the cross.

Located within a predominantly car-free pedestrian zone, the Market Cross presents an excellent opportunity for visitors exploring the historic center of Chichester to capture memorable photos and selfies.

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Visiting Chichester Cross


24 Hours



Address: Chichester Cross, South Street, Chichester, UK
Duration: 20 minutes

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