Castel San Pietro

Castle in Verona

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Castel San Pietro is located on Colle San Pietro (Saint Peter’s Hill) is a hill, which rises a few hundred meters above the Roman Theatre.
It was inhabited since Roman times of Verona and continued to be inhabited during the barbarian invasions from Alboino and Rosamund, by Pepin, by Berengar, King of Italy. On the ruins of the fortress built by Berengar between the end of the century IX and the beginning of X, and at the old Romanesque church of San Pietro in Castello – which gave its name to the hill – Giangaleazzo Visconti built Castel San Pietro in 1398. The building dominated from Verona and lasted just over four hundred years: it was blown up in 1801 by French soldiers – after the Treaty of Luneville – abandoned the left of the Adige to retire in the right. Finally, in 1840, the Austrians demolished the remains of the Visconti castle, together with the church.

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Visiting Castel San Pietro


You can only visit from the outside.

Address: Castel San Pietro, Piazzale Castel San Pietro, Verona, VR, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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