Semana Santa

Religious Festival in Córdoba

The Semana Santa is a commemorative celebration of the Passion of Christ in which the people manifest their faith publicly.  People around the nation celebrate this week with large processions with members of so called brotherhoods, bear adorned Jesus and Mary statues through the city’s streets. The processional parades give off the smell of incense and the dim light of the candles carried by the Nazarenes. The oldest statue visitors can look at is the statue of the Suffering Christ from the 13th century. Processions are joined by penitents and singers of religious flamenco chants, and the scent of incense can be smelt everywhere. Some of the brotherhoods may look back at several hundred years of history and tradition.

Traditionally, Easter festivities begin on Palm Sunday with “La Borriquita” procession. “La Borriquita” represents how Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. Each of the processions is to symbolize a certain situation during the way of the Cross.

Semana Santa in Córdoba

In Cordoba more than 30 of these processions occur, attracting many thousand tourists, as well as local residents. “Del Rescatado”, “Cristo de Gracia” and “Cristo de Ánimas” are among the most significant brotherhoods of Cordoba.

Semana Santa in Málaga

During Holy Week, 42 brotherhoods (cofradía) make 45 processions through the streets of Málaga showing realistic wooden sculptures narrating scenes of the events of the Passion of Christ, or images of the Virgin Mary showing sorrow.

Visiting Semana Santa

Duration: 20 minutes