Batalla de las Flores

Flower Festival in Córdoba

The Batalla de las Flores or Battle of the Flowers is a festival in Cordoba, Spain. It is one of the most popular festivals in Córdoba as it usually welcomes spring, with thousands of locals and tourists coming to this event every year. The Battle of the Flowers usually takes place on the last Sunday of April

The Battle of the Flowers consists of a colourful parade of some fifteen floats, where thousands of carnations are thrown, at the crowd. The crowd pick up the carnations thrown from the carriages and throw them back, which is why this celebration is known as the Battle of the Flowers or Cordoba flower festival. It is very common for locals to to dress in the traditional Cordovan costumes.

A great opportunity for both tourists and visitors to learn more about the culture and tradition of Cordoba in May. It is organized by the Federation of Peñas.

It is a parade adorned with flowers that travel around the Paseo de la Victoria.


Visiting Batalla de las Flores

Duration: 20 minutes