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Teatro Alla Scala Milan
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Teatro alla Scala, often regarded as the most esteemed opera house in the world, has resonated with the music of numerous renowned operatic composers and singers throughout its history. Its discerning audiences, comprising 2,800 individuals, are renowned for their high expectations and demanding standards.

The opera season at Teatro alla Scala commences in early December and extends through May, although obtaining tickets can be quite challenging. The most effective method for securing tickets is typically through your hotel’s concierge, but it’s advisable to check with the box office as well.

Within the same building, you’ll find the Museo Teatrale alla Scala, housing a collection of costumes worn in iconic performances and an array of historical and personal artifacts belonging to the greats who graced the stage at La Scala. This roster includes luminaries such as Verdi, Rossini, and the illustrious conductor Arturo Toscanini.

If there isn’t a rehearsal taking place, the museum also offers the opportunity to explore the interior of the opera house itself, which ranks among the most magnificent in the world.

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Visiting Teatro alla Scala

Address: Teatro alla Scala, Via Filodrammatici, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes
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