Castello Sforzesco

Castle in Milan

Castello Sforzesco
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The Castello Sforzesco, which was held by the Visconti and Sforza families, the rulers of Milan from 1277 to 1447 and from 1450 to 1535, was initially constructed in 1368 and subsequently rebuilt in 1450. The Torre de Filarete, a 70-meter tower, is a reproduction from 1905, replacing the original gate tower.

Within the Castello lies the Musei del Castello Sforzesco, a complex of museums, one of which showcases sculpture. This collection includes the Pietà Rondanini, which is Michelangelo’s final masterpiece. It was brought here in 1953 from the Palazzo Rondanini in Rome.

Other museums in the complex feature collections of decorative art, prehistoric and Egyptian antiquities, a museum dedicated to the history of music, and an armory displaying weapons and medieval armor.

The picture gallery houses a remarkable collection of paintings by renowned artists such as Bellini, Correggio, Mantegna, Bergognone, Foppa, Lotto, Tintoretto, and Antonello da Messina. Nestled between the two rear courtyards of the Castello, there’s a passageway leading into the park, originally serving as the garden of the dukes of Milan and later repurposed as a military training ground.

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Visiting Castello Sforzesco

Address: Castello Sforzesco, Piazza Castello, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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