Stadtmauer Museum

Museum and Tower in Nördlingen

Stadtmauermuseum Nördlingen
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The Stadtmauermuseum, or City Wall Museum, is located in the town of Nördlingen, Bavaria, Germany. The museum is housed in one of the towers of the town’s historic city wall and is dedicated to the history and preservation of the wall and the town.

The museum features a variety of exhibits that showcase the history and architecture of the city wall, including models, photographs, and artefacts from the wall’s construction and maintenance over the centuries. Visitors can explore the tower’s interior, climb to the top of the tower, and walk along the top of the city wall for spectacular views of the town and the surrounding landscape.

In addition to its exhibits on the city wall, the museum also features displays on the history and culture of Nördlingen, including exhibits on the town’s medieval and Renaissance history, its role in the Reformation, and its cultural and artistic traditions.

The museum offers guided tours and educational programs for visitors of all ages, making it a popular destination for school groups and families. The Stadtmauermuseum is a unique and fascinating museum that offers a glimpse into the history and culture of Nördlingen and the important role that its city wall played in the town’s development and defence.

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Visiting Stadtmauer Museum


10 AM – 4.40 PM



Address: Stadtmauermuseum, An der Löpsinger Mauer, Nördlingen, Germany
Duration: 1 hours

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