Azrou, Village in Central Atlas Mountains

Town in High Atlas Mountains (Central)

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Azrou is a Berber town located in the Middle Atlas Mountains, at the junction of roads leading to Fez, Meknès, Midelt, and Khenifra. The town is surrounded by beautiful scenery, including cedar and pine forests and high meadows that bloom in the spring. Azrou is known for its relaxed atmosphere and is a good place to rest after visiting larger cities. The town takes its name from the outcrop that marks its western boundary, and the large Ennour mosque, finished with local cedar, serves as a landmark. Azrou is home to one of the largest weekly markets in the region, known for its Berber carpets, and is busiest on market day (Tuesday). A museum of the Middle Atlas has been under construction for some time, but its opening date has been indefinitely delayed. Instead of visiting the museum, it is recommended to explore the surrounding countryside, including the mountain air and great views, and possibly spot some local Barbary apes.

What to do in Azrou

When visiting Azrou, you’ll have plenty of outdoor activities to keep yourself busy with during your stay. Continue reading to discover activities to get up to when in Azrou.

Attend the Weekly Souk at Azrou

Every week, Azrou’s market attracts many local people from the surrounding areas. The market is a great place to observe the locals buying and selling goats, sheep, and cows, and to try local produce and cuisine. You can also buy Berber carpets and other garments, as well as hand-made souvenirs to take home as a reminder of your visit to this unique Moroccan town. Remember to use your bargaining skills to get the best prices for your purchases. The market takes place year-round, giving you the opportunity to experience it anytime you visit Azrou.

See the Monkeys at Azrou

If you’re interested in seeing the endangered Barbary Macaque monkeys in their natural habitat, consider visiting the Cedre Gouraud forest near Azrou. These monkeys are used to being around humans, so you’ll be able to walk through the forest and observe them up close. Your guide will provide information about the survey techniques used to count the monkey population and teach you about the monkeys’ behavior. All proceeds from these tours go towards supporting the local communities, staff, and conservation efforts for the Barbary macaques. It’s a great way to learn about and appreciate these fascinating primates while also contributing to their preservation.

Planned Hiking and Camping Trips

The Middle Atlas mountains offer breath-taking views and a variety of activities for visitors. Guided hiking tours through the region allow hikers to explore the vast forests and see the diverse array of flowers and butterflies that bloom in the spring. Tour operators offer private day hikes and multi-day hikes to suit various fitness levels. For an immersive experience, camping options are also available, allowing hikers to sleep under the stars and enjoy the stunning views of the Milky Way. In addition to hiking, visitors can also enjoy the local markets and see the endangered Barbary macaque monkeys in the Cedre Gouraud forest.

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Visiting Azrou, Village in Central Atlas Mountains

Duration: 20 minutes

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